Dr. Char Wittenberg 
Advanced Mediator / Arbitrator

Director of  The Institute of Mediation / Sensitivity Training

Throughout my career I’ve often been appointed by leadership to represent agencies in the education of trainers and employment sensitivity. As part of my responsibility as the Chief of Staff for Enforcement Removal Operations (ERO) at the Department of Homeland Security, I was responsible for ERO’s efforts in staffing and training over 6,500 staff nationwide.  This included overseeing the development and implementation of the Supervisory Leadership Training program to provide first line supervisors with the necessary technical, administrative, and leadership competencies.  While there I handled public perception, media, and implementation of policy for Congressional programs while managing expectations for critical stakeholders in the community. I am accustomed to having to expertly manage communication not only between individuals, but between sectors of workplace and the public as well. I have extensive training experience in strategic planning, workplace and personal resiliency, stress management, group dynamics and teamwork, and communications.

My past work, especially in the training area, shows how committed I am to assisting individuals in clarifying goals, and identifying options and opportunities. This is exemplified from my work with the Federal government in the alternative dispute resolution area to advanced family mediation with Mediators of Texas. I love the dispute resolution process and exploring what we can do to get you to a mediated settlement agreement. I will educate you on the options, and use the wonderful tool of mediation to get you through your tough situation so you can move on with your life. I am a nationally certified counselor with three Master Degrees: Sociology, from Kent State University, Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. I hold a Doctorate in Public Administration from the School of Planning and Policy Development, University of Southern California, and volunteer with the American Red Cross and have received training in Shelter Fundamentals, Disaster Assessment, and Client Assistance Services.

Dr. Wittenberg has over 34 years experience with the Federal government and holds a Doctorate in Public Administration from the School of Planning and Policy Development, University of Southern California. Dr. Wittenberg has passed the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE). She is trained and certified by the International Critical Incident Foundation in Group and Individual Critical Incident Stress Management. In addition, Dr. Wittenberg is a volunteer with the American Red Cross and has received training in Disaster Mental Health, Shelter Fundamentals, Disaster Assessment, Client Assistance Services, and is a member of their Disaster Action Team.

Demonstrated expertise in the following:

  • Organizational Leadership and Administration
  • Law Enforcement Operations, Detention Management, Investigations
  • Government Policy
  • Accomplished Speaker
  • Public and Congressional Relations
  • Employment and Training of Staff
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Management of Personnel, Resources, and Programs
  • Strategic Planning and Coalition Building
  • Group Dynamics and Team Building
  • Program Development and Change Management
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Development and Implementation of Peer Support Programs
  • Instruction of Peer Support Program Training
  • D.P.A – University of Southern California, School of Planning and Policy Development
  • M.P.A. – Public Administration – University of Southern California
  • M.S. – Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Walden University
  • M.A. – Sociology, Criminology (Counseling)– Kent State University
  • B.A. – Political Science  – Kent State University
  • Basic Mediation – The Institute of Mediation Training, Mediators of Texas
  • Advanced Mediation – The Institute of Mediation Training, Mediators of Texas
  • Wittenberg, C. (2003). Organizational commitment:  The interplay of communication relationship satisfaction and boundary spanning activities. Los Angeles, CA: USC Press.
Professional Presentations
  • Wittenberg, C. (April 9, 2014). Traumatic Events Management. Presentation at the 2014 Cox Air Care Conference, Springfield, Missouri.
Professional Associations
  • American Counseling Association
  • William Glasser Institute