Mediators of Texas Provides in House Sensitivity and Communication Training

Mediators of Texas (“MOT”) is proud to offer training services in the area of cultural awareness, conflict prevention, and sensitivity.  This intense two-day class focuses on the ethics and principles of alternative dispute resolution, conflict prevention and the processes of conflict resolution and mediation in the context of cultural awareness and sensitivity.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of communicating for facilitator success and neutrality.

Explored are the core attributes of communication and key aspects of active listening.  The importance of understanding worldview is studied, in addition to recognizing the importance of cultural competencies.  Through these cultural considerations, participants are presented with information, demonstration and practice through role-played scenarios on how to effectively resolve conflicts, and improve workplace communication and team effectiveness.

MOT’s program also includes specific communication strategies pertaining to issues of harassment, senior awareness, racial and ethnic disparity, hostility, gender bias, LGBTQ issues, and bullying awareness. Ethical issues and considerations are discussed in depth.  Benefits of this program for educational or business organizations include: improving staff morale and retention, administrative and staff relations, relations with the press, relations with other members in the community; and, minimizing litigation. This conflict resolution-training program is interactive and participatory.  CPEs and CEUs are offered.

This training is a specialized classroom method geared at educating employees on acceptable and safe work area practices, poise, and manners. Sensitivity training can be held at an employers location or at a predetermined and booked conference area. Mediators of Texas does have meeting areas available depending on the number of participants. Please feel free to E-Mail MOT and ask about our locations; or let us come to you!

Contact MOT for pricing on sensitivity / communication training. Prices may vary due to the numbers of participants in each class, location, and travel.

Note: Sensitivity training is for HR company requirements and does not provide mediation certification. We encourage any employee who may want to obtain a certification in civil or family mediation to look into classes we provide with the Institute of Mediation Training.

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